Thank you for the Music

Japanese experts recently found that singing is just as effective in radiation prevention as smiling and drinking beer.

So let’s sing radiation away once and for all !

Please find below my charming new song NO FUEL TODAY which is dedicated to TODAY’S FOOLS who are still dreaming the nuclear dream which – I’m sorry to say – is more of a nightmare in terms of the real world we unfortunately live in most of the time [at least we still do as of now, ha ha].

Take your copy of the lyrics, everyone ! I’m sure you all know the melody, it’s a natural match, if only I was able to remember the name of that song, damned ! Total lapse of memory – must be an effect of the radiation… (of course there isn’t any, right ?)


No fuel today, lost in a tragic way
The vessel stands forlorn, a symbol of the dawn
No fuel today, they state the plant’s alright
but anyone who’s wise knows Tepco always lies

Most of us know just what this message means
The end of mankind (and other life, it seems)
We knew for long that Fukushima scene
Has ramifications never told on TV screen

No fuel today, the pool has gone away
As water levels fell, broke loose a fire hell

But all that’s left is a place dark and lonely
A crippled plant in Japan’s north-eastern part
Radiation horrors don’t stay local only
So we’ve just seen the start

No fuel today, it has been blast away
It went right through the roof, check air nuclides for proof
Where jet-stream blows, the faster all it goes
The fall-out came at once, nobody had a chance

Most of us know just what this message means
But masses still ignore it (at least so it seems)
I hope the fascists in the nuclear industry
Are panicking in fear from the bad publicity

No fuel today, it’s molten down away
Through steel and concrete base, no one knows where it stays

But all that’s left is a place dark and lonely
A crippled plant in Japan’s north-eastern part
Radiation horrors don’t stay local only
So we’ve just seen the start

Steam clouds today, the water’s found a way
From ocean to the well, but noone’s gonna tell

But all that’s left is a place dark and lonely
A crippled plant in Japan’s north-eastern part
Oh all that’s left is a place dark and lonely
A crippled plant in Japan’s north-eastern part
Oh all that’s left is a place dark and lonely
A crippled plant in Japan’s north-eastern part

Delightful, isn’t it ? I already feel sooo much better….

6 thoughts on “Thank you for the Music”

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