Tokyo Olympics 2020 Promotion

As we all know, the Olympic Games are supposed to take place at Tokyo in 2020. Only six years left, folks, so it’s definitely time to get the marketing campaign rolling and start some advertising !

Thanks to Pierre de Coubertin, the Olympics were taken from the ancient world to our modern times in 1896. Now that we are even a step ahead in the new world order of the nuclear age, wouldn’t it be most appropriate to celebrate de Coubertin’s “transfer coup” by applying a classic merchandising concept from the past to the present situation ?

Let’s see what we can learn from the 1936 Olympics at Berlin (the first global mass event ever broadcast near-live on TV !). For example, have a look at this really nice black-and-white photograph:

[Click to enlarge]

Picture copyright © Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz

Believe it or not – it doesn’t take more than a few minutes using Inkscape and GIMP to easily turn this into an ultra-modern, Tokyo-style remake. A beautiful reminiscence, yet forming a piece of art of its own kind, carrying the subtle message from a new era. And I have no doubt the main sponsors will be delighted finding their logo discretely pasted into the scene:

[Click to enlarge]

Now that’s what I call a brilliant result ! Don’t you agree ?

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